StrapPro is the surfboard carrying strap. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry any board with your hand or shoulder.

Carry any surfboard, SUP or windsurf board easily

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About The StrapPro

How and Why the StrapPro Was Born

Greg Harness was born and raised in Venice, California and started surfing back in 1979, and has been a hardcore surfer for 35 years. Living on the beach in Venice, his grandmother lived on the boardwalk next to a sidewalk café for over 30 years. Greg always love surfing, but there was one thing Greg didn't like about surfing: carrying his board to the beach. Greg was injured severely riding a skateboard causing him to have major surgery and a titanium bone placed in his arm, leaving him unable to surf for 2 1/2 years.

Once Greg recovered enough to attempt to surf again, he found it very uncomfortable and painful to even get the surfboard to the water. Several years later, Greg decided to do something about it and began doing research and development working with his manufacturers closely to create the StrapPro. Greg wanted to invent something simple and easy to use to make it more convenient for those with injuries or larger surfboards and SUP boards to go to and from the beach easily. And he has done it! The StrapPro is the thinnest, lightest, easiest to use surfboard carrier in the world; it'll become standard equipment in the industry and will be an in all surf and stand up paddle board shops internationally soon.

The StrapPro at Venice Beach

Carry shortboards too!

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You will be happy you purchased the StrapPro when you see how easy it is to carry your board to the beach and back -- virtually hands free! Comes with extension strap for SUPs and other wide boards too!

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